Thursday, 30 June 2016

Do's and Don'ts

Today I am gonna be sharing some basic Do's and Don'ts that I was given before starting this diet plan, these Do's and Don'ts is only for the period when you want to lose weight but when you don't want to lose extra weight but follow up a plan then you can include some of this stuff in your daily food, for example- if want to have rice then rather than having it in for dinner, have it in lunch.
Well, let's get on the list.... :)

Foods To Avoid

  • Cereals
    • Maida and its product like pizza/burger/white bread/noodles/macroni/bakery products
    • Suji and its products like idli/kheer/upma/rusk
    • Rice and its products like poha/murmura/boiled rice/South Indian
    • Corns and its products like baby corn/sweet corns/corn flakes/ makki ki roti
  • Fruits
    • Banana/grapes/lichi/mango/cheeku/custard apple/melons
  • Vegetables
    • Potato/beetroot/arbi/peas/carrot/green cholia/mushroom
  • Non Vegetarian
    • Red meat/gravy/egg yellows
  • Milk
    • Full cream Milk and its products
  • Sugars
    • Jaggery/raisins/dates/honey/cakes/pastries/cream biscuits/chocolates/candies/jam/pudding etc
  • Fried Foods
    • Mathri/Chips/Pooris/Parathas/French Fries/Namkeen etc
  • Preserved or Packed Foods
    • Papad/pickle/jams/jellies/ketchup/chutney/soups/salad dressings etc
  • Pulses
    • Rajma/chana/lobhia/chole/besan
  • Beverages
    • Juices(fresh/packed)/aerated drinks/squash/glucose/sports drinks/ice tea etc

Foods To Include

  • Fruits
    • Apple/pear/guava/orange/papaya/strawberry/pomergranate/cherries/plums/peaches/phala etc.
  • Vegetables
    • Cabbage/cauliflower/capsicum/torai/lauki/spinach/pumpkin/lady finger/methi/brinjal/beans/onions/radish/parwal etc.
  • Non Vegetarian
    • Egg Whites/chicken/fish/turkey
  • Oils
    • Sunflower oil/soya bean oil/rice bran oil/olive oil/groundnut oil etc.
Now to the Do's and Don'ts


  • 30 minutes walk/ exercise per day
  • 8-12 glasses of water per day
  • Avoid stress
  • Check your weight once or twice a week and keep watch on your weight
  • Try avoiding salt consumption after your dinner time
  • Try using green chillies or black pepper over red chillies if you prefer spicy food
  • Try Switching between your 3-4 days routine of food plan
  • Start your day with drinking 2 glasses of water before having anything else
  • Have some nuts after water and before breakfast like Almonds, Walnuts, Manukkha

  • Do not sieve flour to remove bran
  • Do not eat in hurry
  • Do not reheat Oil
  • Do not take more than 1 teaspoon sugar at one time in your sweet items
  • Do not eat same food routine over and again
  • Do not skip your meal during the day (try having 5 meals a day)

Above are some guideline I got from my dietitian when I started my plan with her, out of these here are some which I applied in my diet plan
  •  I used Pomace Olive Oil for my routine, it is good for cooking Indian food.
  •  I mainly had apples, oranges, guava, cherries, papaya and sometimes pineapple.
  •  I replaced potato for vegetables with other mix vegetables.
  •  I included flax seed before my morning routine and for snack time sometimes as it helps if any deficiency because of change in your lifestyle relating to food.
  •  I started my exercise routine with 15 minutes walk daily which got increased to 40 minutes daily. I recommend 20 minutes work out/ walk for starter and increase your time as per kg lost or as your prefer (daily routine like making rounds on home stairs or school stairs or school routine do not count as exercise.
Well, that's some things I followed and still following but there's more to it which I'll update in next post along with some diet plans I followed.

Also, I am not dietitian, this is general things about my diet plan which I followed and which I felt like sharing as it might help and you can make changes as you like here and there but make healthier choices, you will like those choices eventually.....hope it'll help you as well as it helped me, enjoy :)

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Diet Diary

Hi guys.... this post is special as this is about our journey on losing weight and getting from fat to fit kind of... wouldn't exactly say fit as when you lose weight you have some problems as well. But we would like to say that we're in that shape where we feel good about ourself and can wear whatever we want Indian, Western and etc...... and this diet has become our lifestyle like even today we keep track on what we're eating, drinking, work out and such.

I still remember when we first went to our journey and made up our mind to start this lifestyle, our dietitian asked us this question "Are you guys here to lose weight by your choice or if your parents asked you to go", then she continued to say that if you're here because someone else asked you to then probably it's not right choice for us we would not like to follow that lifestyle then. And I totally agree with that now that I have seen the changes in me, my sister and our lifestyle...... and yeah... we were there because we wanted to change our lifestyle and that is the reason that we were able to achieve our goal. begins our Diet Diary together and I'll be updating this diary once or twice every week and also will share what we followed during our diet plans and recipes for that.... also bits of other things we did during that time period and how much time it took us to get there! (Also discussing problems during and after losing weight)

When I Say Diet, This Does Not Mean That You Have To Starve Yourself For It.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Besan Laddoos- Indian Sweet

Hello again, so this post is about me and my sister trying for more cooking stuff as we were at home and getting bored.... then sister was like lets bake some cookies but we didn't have baking stuff at home :( so.. she was like hmm can just make something Indian sweet which isn't really that complicated to make and good to taste and MOST important you can find all ingredients in your kitchen easily.
Things that you'll need-
- Besan/Chickpea Flour - 1&1/2 cup
- Ghee/Clarified Butter- 8 tble spoons
- Grounded Sugar - 3/4th cup
- Grounded nuts powder- nuts of your choice
- Cinnamon power - a pinch (we did not use this in recipe instead used one green cardamom with nuts and grounded it as well with them)

soo taaddaaa... thats how they turned out and as for taste they really turned out good as we got good feedback from family. Also I want to share this too that this is not our original recipe I looked it up on which you can find by clicking on here---> cookingshooking!
So yeh... this is the recipe we followed and when we tried them, they really turned out good and we had fun making them...If you guys try this recipe hope it turns out good for you as well, thank you!
Thought Id share this randomness with you guys when you feel like you're bored at home and feel like cooking something. Let me know in the comments below if you guys think the same... :) Happy cooking!

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Trying New Hair Care Routine!!!

Hey again!! Today I am gonna be showing what new routine I am gonna be following for my hair care routine.... well to be honest I have never really looked well after my hair and now gonna try make them better.... I hope so it works out!
These are the things that I am gonna include in my routine.........

Flax Seeds... these are good for hair. You can use them as your snack time or you can mix with any flour you use like whole wheat flour, all purpose flour and such and you can also use them in your diet like... sprinkle them on your food like sandwiches, poha, salad, and etc or however you want to include them in your daily routine.

Egg.....Eggs are really good for all type of hair masks you can make at home and they're also good to include in your diet like in evening snack time and such. Egg hair masks gives you really shiney hair.

Oils and mixtures- Do Not Use Castor Oil Alone!!! Use with with Coconut Oil Mixture or Bhringraj Oil Mixture.

First Oil Mix- Coconut Oil with Castor Oil and Vitamin E Capsules...... You can mix 3 tble spoon of coconut oil with 1 tblt spoon of castor oil and 1 vitamin e capsule then put the bowl mixture in some hot water to heat up the oil (do not put the mixture bowl directly on flame to heat it up) and apply that mixture on to your scalp in circular motion and massage for like 5 minutes and just leave overnight.... either you can make it in a bun or you can make a simple braid or can also use shower cap and then wash with your daily use shampoo and conditioner. This Mixture helps in hair growth and shine for your hair (if you going for long hair...)

Second Oil Mix- Castor Oil, Bhringraj Oil, and Onion juice.... you can use 3 tble spoon of bhringraj oil and 1 tble spoon of castor oil with 1 onion juice squeezed out and heat up some water in a pan and put your bowl mixture in to so oil heats up a bit then you can apply that mixture on to your scalp and put it for overnight or put like 40 mins before you plan to wash your hair. Then just wash your hair with your daily use shampoo and conditioner like I explained above. This mixture helps in regrowth of your hair and stop hair from falling.

Try comb your hair with Wooden Comb. Also try staying stress free and meditate if possible... thats helps a lot :)

You can get all these oil from any Pantjali Store nearby or if you want to order online then you can buy these oils from by clicking these links Bhringraj OilCastor OilOlive Oil and Coconut Oil......So thats what all I am gonna be doing for good and shiney hair!! I have already tried these hair mixture twice and I am happy with the result I am getting and if more progress from this hair routine I'll post on here to let you guys know....Hope you try it out to and this helps you too :)

Saturday, 18 June 2016


Hey guyss.... This our my 2 Ingredients Ice cream we tried yesterday at home.... Cause got to know about this ice cream stuff so me and my sister thought hmm... lets try it out!
All we used was Full Cream (from Amul) and Condensed Milk (from Milkmaid) and made 3 different type of ice cream!

So these are 3 different Flavorous we made... in which 1 is with Oreo, 1 with Perk Chocolate and last 1 is with berries mix... Gonna give a taste test now and hope you guys try it too & enjoy!

Friday, 17 June 2016

About me!

Hey guyss, Welcome to TheSistersStop. This blog is about sisters! as in you, me or any other sister out there.... Me and my sister starting this blog to write about any girls' randomness like beauty, clothes, shopping, cooking, working, and any other random thought we have about different situations. Hope to see you guys around, thank you!